Picture of Captains Flat

Picture of the Lake George Mine Entrance at Captains Flat

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Captains Flat Blog

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There have been no contributions to this page for over a year, so it looks likely to be discontinued. "Thank you" to those who did contribute. The page seemed to be popular with former residents wanting to communicate with the village. I will look at creating a new page specially for these

From: Trevor
Good web site. Brings back a lot of memories when I was the town sherrif. The three years I spent at Captains Flat will always be a highlight of my policing career. All the best to all the locals.

From: Captains Flat.Org Webmaster
Hey everyone! The Blog form now has an anti-spam mechanism in place, whereby, if you would like to submit a blog entry, you will need to add two random numbers together before you submit the form. This is to stop myself drowning in spam messages. Click the 'Blog Form' link above to see it, and while you're there, leave a message for the good people of Captains Flat! :)



From: Captains Flat Telegraph
Hey! Where is everybody? Know it is cold 'out there'..... I am publishing a paper now, but have no news. Folks are not even posting notes on the Bulletin Board and the Diary a bit behind. Bye the way we need to support the Community Association re Palarang Council's increasing our water rates.

[ WM - The Diary's my fault - moving house right now - will get to it shortly :) Thanks Fay! ]

From: Bradley
Hi Everyone! It was in the mid 1980's when I was one of about 16 Army Reserve Soldiers (1/19 RNSWR) who stopped at the Hotel for lunch. I think that the publican probably sold as many pies that lunch time as would normally do in a month.

I was intending to perhaps visit Captain's Flat again, the next time I go to Canberra. Now that I have seen this excellent internet site I will for sure be visiting again, but in the warmer weather. ....Brad


From: Garry
Thanks for a great website. Found it a few weeks ago and scrolling through it brought back many happy memories of my time there. I lived in the Miners' Mess for ten months back in 1959/60 ... worked at the Post Office. I had the very best time as a teenager in The Flat. All the best for the future ... maybe I will get back there to visit some time ... hope so!

From: Diane
Your website is great - I was looking for information on your town as I discovered that my great-great grandfather died there in 1888. He is buried at Carwoola, was a publican and had interests in several mines. Reading the stories of the 1880s and wild mining days, its sounds like just the place he would want to be. One day I am going to come and visit both Captains Flat and Carwoola.
From: Lucie
I'm Captains Flat born and bred and have moved to Melbourne for a year. Great to see how everyone is doing and reminisce about great times. Great website, just goes to show all we have to offer!
From: Bec
Visited Captains Flat today - well worth the drive! Loved the solidness of the hotel contrasted with the painted cottages and rambling garden just across the road! The map on the website came in very handy, thanks!
[WM: Our pleasure Bec. Please come back and visit us again :)]
From: Suzanne & Peter
We visited Captain's Flat today
and found what we've been seeking
A real Australian atmosphere
The air of sweet smells reeking.

The open spaces, the history
The Captain's Flat Hotel
Coffee, pancakes, wonderous art
And the stories locals tell.

I am a writer, though poorly paid
And dream of such a place
Of a little house of modest means
Such launguid, peaceful pace.

Of free range chickens, organic veg
all food of nature's making
Of a little place to call our own
No fear of Landlords taking.

A distant dream it may well be
Our jobs to far to travel
But one day we will find a way
To leave the tar for gravel.

Then we'll be back to Captain's Flat
With dog and birds in tow
And settle there for ever more
Beneath the bluegum boughs.

From: Nicole
Congratulations on a fantastic site. I'll be recommending this to friends and relatives overseas!
Nicole Lott
Jingera Preschool
From: Captains Flat Telegraph
Congratulations Brian. Good website. Easy to work with. [WM: Thanks Fay :)]
From: Maggie
Just checked out the website and think its fabulous, very friendly and extremely useful too! thanks and cheers.
From: Pete
Just to record a huge "Thanks" to Brian who has revamped the website. Good work Brian.

President, Captains Flat Community Association
22/12/2006 10:00pm From: Brian
7/10/2006 From: Webmaster
Welcome to your new Blog!

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