Picture of Captains Flat

Picture of the Lake George Mine Entrance at Captains Flat

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(Links last checked June 2008)

Captains Flat and Surrounds


Weather, environment etc.

Eating and accommodation
  • Captains Flat Hotel
    A couple of pages about the Captains Flat Hotel. The information is out of date now that the hotel has new proprietors. You can eat at the pub most evenings and weekends. It also has lovely accommodation.
    See also: Captains Flat Attractions - Captains Flat Hotel

Local organisations

Local Media
  • Captains Flat Telegraph
    a free newspaper for the town, also available online.
  • The Bungendore Mirror
    despite its name, is distributed throughout the western part of the Palerang Shire , including Captains Flat. Its website contains the current issue, page by page in .pdf format or in one file. It also contains contact details for the newspaper should you wish to contact them to advertise or for any other reason.
  • The Palerang Bulletin
    Distributed shire-wide, new website at www.palerangbulletin.com.au.
  • The Braidwood Times
    Published in Braidwood and is a subsidiary of the Canberra Times. http://braidwood.yourguide.com.au/
  • The Tussock Times
    is an A4 Newsletter circulating in the Anembo-Jerangle-Peak View area (South of Captains Flat).

  • The Queanbeyan Age
    Includes coverage of issues in the Palerang shire area, and is also a sister paper of the Canberra Times. http://queanbeyan.yourguide.com.au/

Other nearby places and community associations
  • Carwoola aka Stoney Creek
    Carwoola Community Association's website
  • Braidwood
    Braidwood has a strong presence on the internet, being a popular tourist destination especially for passing traffic from Canberra to the coast and back. Braidwood’s Community Association, BRASS, does not currently have a website. An example of Braidwood's internet presence and strong community can be found at its Historical Society http://www.braidwoodmuseum.org.au/  with a museum, a Film Club operating in the old theatre, and an arts group - BRAG http://www.bragart.com.au/ and so on.

    Braidwood Tourism is at www.visitbraidwood.com.au/ - a very comprehensive source of information about the area.

  • Bungendore
    A similar source of information about Bungendore and its surrounds is http://www.bungendore.info.  Bungendore is a lively town which lies on the King's Highway east of Canberra, and on the way to the coast. Like Braidwood (45km further east) it enjoys much trade from the tourist traffic, and day-trippers from Canberra. It is also a commuter town for Canberra, and some say that as it is effectively a suburb, it has a less cohesive community than one might expect. The Bungendore Residents Group - http://www.bungendorevillage.org.
  • Landcare
    The Shoalhaven Landcare site has links to numerous Landcare groups in the area, just East of Captains Flat - www.shoalhaven-landcare.asn.au
  • Bywong
    Bywong Community Association has an excellent website. It can be found at http://www.bywongcommunity.org.au.  Bywong is a rural residential community north of Bungendore, and host to a very large car boot sale held annually in March. (See their website for more details).
  • Wamboin
    Wamboin Community Association also has a very professional website here.
  • Burra
    Over the hills, but not very far away as the crow flies, is the rural residential area of Burra, with a very slick website for its community association.
  • Majors Creek
    Majors Creek is a sleepy little town, probably Captains Flat's nearest neighbour, about 35km to our east. It has an annual, much-respected folk music festival in November. The website is http://www.musicatthecreek.com/ and a more general website here http://www.majorscreek.org.au/

Links to other community associations in the region will be added when provided to the webmaster, or as he finds them.

  • Local Government
    Early in 2004, the part of Yarrowlumla Shire containing Captains Flat and Bungendore was merged with Tallaganda Shire, which was centred around Braidwood. This new shire is named Palerang Council. Information about the shire is available from the council's website - http://www.palerang.nsw.gov.au.  Palerang is a distinctive mountain close to the geographic centre of the council area.
  • State Government
    The Capital Region Development Board is a joint initiative of the New South Wales and Australian Capital Territory governments, and their website is at http://www.capitalregion.org.au.

General Information


Captains Flat on Google Earth
Download the kmz file here.