Picture of Captains Flat

Picture of the Lake George Mine Entrance at Captains Flat

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Attractions - Captains Flat Swimming Pool



About the pool

The Captains Flat Swimming Pool is open for the summer months, from approximately December to March.

It is an open air, unheated pool, 25m in length but slightly shortened by a baby pool. The baby pool has a shade sail. Of course, the pool has hot showers in the changing rooms.

It's a great place to while away a few hours before or after lunch in the cafe or hotel, or when passing through the town. You can even drop the kids there, but please note that children under 8 must be accompanied by an adult, and it would be sensible to also stay with your child if they are older but are not a good swimmer.

The season
In season, the pool is open and supervised by fully qualified employees of Palerang Council.

Usually closed Christmas Day.

Opening Hours
See above.

Entry charges
To be confirmed..

Pool hire
In season, but outside regular opening hours, the pool can be hired. Please contact Palerang Council for further information on charges. A basic gas barbecue is available.

The pool has a small kiosk which has, in the past, provided basic catering. It has been partly renovated, but requires to be re-equipped.

Smoking and drinking
Smoking and the drinking of alcohol are not permitted in the pool or its enclosure. However, both are possible and legal in the park just outside. Swimming while intoxicated is not permitted, but is so dangerous that you wouldn't do it even if it was permitted, would you?